Anti-Corruption Policy

This Policy sets out Cardno ID’s responsibilities and the responsibilities of our employees and contractors in observing and upholding our zero tolerance position on bribery and corruption. Serious criminal, civil, regulatory and reputational consequences can flow from a breach of anti-bribery laws.

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy and Modern Slavery Statement

We are committed to identifying and counteracting modern slavery in global supply chains, with the end goal of ending modern slavery. This Policy outlines how we will act ethically and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships and enforce effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in our businesses or supply chains.

Child Protection Policy

Protection of children is of the upmost importance at all times. We are committed to protecting the rights of children; safeguarding the welfare of children; and, adopting a zero tolerance approach to child exploitation or abuse. This Child Protection Policy is universal: it applies at all times across all jurisdictions.

Code of Conduct Policy

Our Code of Conduct Policy defines the values and standards of our professional conduct. It guides how all employees and contractors must behave in accordance with our values of Safety, Integrity, People and Excellence.

Communications with Shareholders Policy

We are committed to communicating efficiently and effectively with shareholders, as outlined in this Policy. Cardno ID recognises the importance of giving shareholders ready access to balanced and understandable information about the company and corporate proposals.

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Cardno ID is bound by the ASX Listing Rules, imposing obligations called the “continuous disclosure obligations”. This Policy captures the requirements that must be followed for the release of information to the ASX and the investment community.

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

This policy sets the framework for enterprise risk management across Cardno ID by setting the methodology and requirements for the assessment, control, monitoring and reporting of material risks that could impact our purpose and business plans.

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Policy

Cardno ID’s operations are diverse and widely distributed geographically. This Policy outlines our commitment to creating and maintaining a workplace that is inclusive and an environment where our people feel safe, valued, respected and welcomed.

Global Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We recognise that achieving excellence in managing our health, safety and environmental responsibilities is critical to our work improving the physical and social environment. Our HSE Policy outlines how we will conduct our business in a manner that protects our people, clients and communities.

Policy for Trading in Cardno ID Securities by Directors, Executive Managers, Financial Services Employees and Employees

This Policy regulates dealings in Cardno ID’s Securities by Directors, Executive Managers, Financial Services Employees and Employees.

Safeguards Policy

Cardno ID aim to create significant, lasting, positive change through our work and importantly, ensure that nobody is harmed as a result of our activities. Per our Safeguarding Policy, we are committed to creating and supporting an organisational culture where safeguarding is a priority, and adopt a survivor-centred approach, prioritising the rights, needs, and wishes of the victim/survivor, while ensuring procedural fairness to all parties.

Whistleblower Protection Policy

We encourage staff to raise concerns about improper conduct within our operations in a confidential manner and, if they wish, on an anonymous basis. This Policy outlines our requirements and the rights of staff to disclose improper conduct confidentially, anonymously, in good faith and on reasonable grounds without the fear of reprisal or detrimental action.

Details of our independent and confidential whistleblower service – provided by Deloitte – are captured below.

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